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All services are accessed from the following HTTP endpoint



JSON(P) only. CORS is enabled.

Each response comes with an appropriate HTTP status code (except for JSONP requests). These include `200` for success, `400` for bad request, `404` for not found and `500` for server error. The HTTP status code is also included in the response body along with a status message.

A 200 response and you'll also get some data


This api does not require any authentication

Error Handling

To check for errors, simply examine the HTTP response code. `200` response indicates success while any other code will provide important information about why an error occured.

Alternatively you can examine HTTP Status code in the `status` property in the result body.

All JSONP requests return `200` responses because of the silent error problem, so you need use the latter method to check for errors.

Available Data Fields

TeamTeam. All current teams Chelsea have faced.

Teams are recorded as their full name with underscores replacing spaced for example `MANCHESTER_CITY`

LocationLocation. Shows the location of the match, Home (H), Away (A) or Neutral (N).
ResultResult. Shows the outcome of the match, Win (W), Draw (D), Loss (L).

In cup competitions where games are level at the end of Extra Time and are settled on penalties are recorded as draws.

LimitLimit. restricts the data return up to :n number of games, if they exist. Data is in descending order, i.e. /6 at the end of your api call would return the last `6` results.


Available methods listed below.
Team Lookup

Returns all teams available

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/team/

Look up a team. Returns all available data if found

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/team/:team

Returns `:n` most recent results against `:team`

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/team/:team/:n
Location Lookup

returns all locations available

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/location/

Look up a location. Returns all available data if found

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/location/:location

returns `:n` most recent results at `:location`

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/location/:location/:n
Result Lookup

returns all results availble

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/result/

Look up a result. Returns all available data if found

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/result/:result

returns `:n` most recent results `:result`

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/result/:result/:n
Top Flight Results Lookup

Look up a team's results. Returns all available data if found

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/all/:team

returns `:n` most recent results of team `:team`

GET/ https://api.thechels.uk/all/:team/:n